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A kingdom of flesh and fire pdf free ; When the last demons were annihilated, and the age of man began, the world was at peace. But some could not rest; they longed for power and wanted control. They built great empires, gathered armies, and promised to defeat all who opposed them.

So the wars began. The kingdoms flowed against each other, and the great armies met in battle. The weapons roared, and blood flowed, but no one could win. The first magicians appeared and used their powers to defend their people. No one knew who would win, but everyone knew that it took much more than a regular army to defeat the others.

The magicians destroyed a lot, but they could not destroy everything. They left part of the world in ruins, but other parts survived. The war intensified, and the first devils appeared. They had come from another dimension and wanted power over everything. The battle became even more brutal, and the first people began to die.

But there was one who was more substantial than all the others. A man who had the power to defeat all enemies. He repulsed the evil forces and freed the world from their tyranny. He became known as a hero and was named Svarthumla. He built a kingdom and defended it against all enemies. He was the first king of the people, and his kingdom was known as the Kingdom of Kings. He created a new civilization, and the first cities were built. The wars ended, and the world was at peace again.




Svarthumla was a sage king, and he knew that there would be no peace forever. He built up a large army and prepared for the worst. But despite his preparations, he could not prevent what was to come. A new evil force was brought to life, and the first demons reappeared. The war started again, and the people had to flee. They built flying cities and armies, but it was not enough. The demons were too many, and they destroyed everything in their path. Black Bumblebee fought heroically, but his army was wiped out. He was killed in battle, and his kingdom fell.
The flying cities were the only ones that could fly away from the rage of the demons. They continued the war against the demons, but it was hopeless. The first cities began to fall, and not only the people fled to the last flying cities. But it was not only the Barademons who hunted for them; the other kingdoms also followed. They also wanted control over the previous people and the last flying cities. The wars became more and more brutal, and more and more people were killed.

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