Boom Beach Mod Apk [ Latest Version 40.94 with Diamonds & Coins for Android [ 2023 ]

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The customized version of Boom Beach, known as boom beach mod apk version 40.94, gives you limitless diamonds and money. From now on, you can purchase anything without concern about price or availability of resources. Additionally, it unlocks all of the heroes for you. You don’t have to complete several challenges as in the official app to open them. Their skills are also made available. From our website, you can download Boom Beach Mod APK. It is free, and the installation doesn’t call for rooting your device.

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Supercell’s boom beach hack is a well-liked strategy game. The number of downloads for it on the Play Store exceeds fifty million. In this game, the villainous Blackguard and his supporters control the sea. They have command over every island and every islander. To overcome the Blackguard soldiers and release the islanders, you must construct your ultimate headquarters and prepare your most muscular army units. You now have the power to restore calm to the waters.

Blackguard is not boom beach mod apk version 40.93 sole adversary. Additionally, there are millions of multiplayer. To shield your headquarters from them, you must erect a strong fortification. You can train a plethora of units to battle other players for trophies. Destroy and seize control of the islands that Dr. T. conquered as well. You can also retreat to rescue the teams if you attack any base that looks hard to win. Numerous challenges exist, including Task Force challenges, Dr. T stages, monthly events, and more.

Details Of Features

Below, we’ve provided a detailed explanation of boom beach private server features. Read the elements if you want to learn more about them.

Game Feature

Modes Of Play

Multiplayer combat is not the only type of action in this game. You can also finish the Dr. T stages to earn high resource loot. The armies of Blackguard have taken control of numerous bases and resource bases. With your formidable army, you can set them free. Participate in monthly international competitions to win amazing prizes.

Units Of The Army

In this game, you can train a large number of army units. To assault your enemies, you can think of a limitless number of attack strategies. It includes Bazooka, tank, medics, Scorcher, Grenadier, Rifleman, and Bombardier. It differs from other games where all troops captured during an attack vanish afterward. After the attack, all the surviving units arrive at HQ, where you can utilize them once more. Any team that has low health needs time to recover. Along with missiles, you also acquire battleships for bombardment.

Missions Of Task Forces

Similar to clans or groupings, . You can form your own Task Force with pals or join an existing one. You can participate in and compete in co-op missions with Task Force. It would be best if you took out opposing bases with solid defenses. Since this is a task force operation, everyone will work with you to destroy the adversary. Others will reach the same HP base that you left them with, and damage dealt by anyone won’t reset.

Task Force

Task Force

Stunning Defensive Buildings

Just as important as your army units are defense. Low security makes it unable to defend against attacks. You have access to formidable defenses like artillery, flares, bombs, smoke screens, creatures, and many more. Construct your ultimate HQ with an invincible shield to show your opponents what you’re made of.

Diamonds & Coins For Life

In the game, diamonds are required for practically everything. You can purchase materials, structures, instantaneously heal units, etc. Among other things, coins destroy trees, open new islands, and buy defense. In this modified APK, you receive an infinite supply of cash and diamonds. As a result, purchasing is made simple, and coin shortage concerns are no longer an issue.

Heroes & Abilities Unlocked

You can use a variety of heroes in the battles. Every hero has an exceptional talent. You can unlock heroes by completing specific tasks in the official game. But in this mod, you shouldn’t worry about that. It opens every hero, including Sgt. Brick, Pvt. Bullet, and others. Utilize whatever hero you choose and their skills to defeat every attack.


To install Boom Beach Mod APK on your smartphone, follow the following steps.

Go to the provided link to get the Boom Beach Mod APK.
Go to your download folder in your file manager by opening it.
Click the APK that was downloaded.
If it’s your first time, enable permission to install the app from an unidentified source. If not, skip this step.
After that, tap the install button to start the installation.
Open the installed software to start enjoying Boom Beach with an endless supply of cash and diamonds.


You can now quickly download this Boom Beach MOD APK With king boom hack and use all the mod features for nothing. What do you think of this modification? Tell us in the comments. Visit us for more fun modified games and applications.

If you have any questions, check out this FAQ. You can also ask us anything regarding this Modded Apk in the comments below.

How many players are there in boom beach?

Nine human players compete against nine other human players in this quick, free-to-play multiplayer game.

Who made boom beach?

Helsinki, Finland-based Supercell Oy is a firm that creates mobile games., the company’s first game, was released in 2011, and after its debut on May 14, 2010, Supercell began making games for mobile platforms.

Is it possible to play Boom beach on a PC?

However, remember that Boom Beach is also playable on a Windows computer, thanks to several Android emulators that let users play Boom Beach and other Android games in Windows with a larger display.

We were continually changing. Boom Beach constantly evolves to provide our gamers with more streamlined, reliable, and enjoyable online experiences.

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