Car Fix Tycoon MOD APK 1.9.67 (Unlimited Money) [2023]

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App Name Car Fix Tycoon
Genre Racing
Latest Version 1.9.67
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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A fun game about auto repair is called Car Fix Tycoon Mod APK. You can find a lot of enjoyable and soothing things here. Additionally, you have the chance to take over as manager of this vehicle repair firm. You have built the most renowned repair shop in the industry with your brilliance and ability at your side. Say you want to expand your auto repair business, and you need to fix the customers’ damaged cars. Then it would be best if you played this challenging business game where you have to hire a technician to improve the car’s parts or components to make it a beautiful car.

Car Fix Tycoon MOD APK Information

If an accident damages your luxury vehicle, you must get it repaired. So it would be beneficial if you gave Car Fix Tycoon a try. You have a repair shop for cars right here. If you want your business to run smoothly, you need to hire a mechanic right away who can fix a vehicle. A vast number of cars are being developed at an average speed worldwide. Therefore, auto repair shops are necessary. Owners will fix their automobiles at your business if it provides all the amenities. After that, you’ll make a ton of money and be able to easily and quickly grow your company. The company that made this game is called Weplay Studio. It is pretty well-liked all across the world.

Car Fix Tycoon MOD APK  

Car Fix Tycoon’s characteristics

As was already said, it’s an exciting game about running an auto repair shop where you may have lots of relaxing time. When you work on a lot of cars, you have the chance to advance your skills. Although your repair shop is closer to residences and buildings, it will grow in popularity so that you can hire more people. As a result, you will face numerous complex tasks and challenges that you must overcome. You will obtain a variety of presents and awards after completing them, which you can use at the shop. You must read the supporting components listed below because it includes several of them.

Create and construct your vehicle

Suppose you have expertise in auto repair and can unquestionably identify every vehicle component. Playing Car Fix Tycoon can show your commitment to each element through impressive stages. Here, it would help if you used your processes and deductions to make your specific auto business assist customers. Everyone has their unique view, which allows for unique gaming.

Increase Marketing

Your main goal while starting your auto repair empire is to give them sincere service. If you want to, you must make your store distinctive and have all the tools and materials in your workshop. This will generate a lot of money and build your business with many sales. It will assist you in attracting more customers.

Create and customize your vehicle dynasty.

Several customization options allow you to let the different components live in their worlds. With the demand, you may hold more seminars and achieve your goals. You must increase the tools and equipment in your company to provide a comprehensive service or enhance the repair program for many automobiles.

Compete in a Variety of Contests

This game offers a variety of tournaments that you may participate in. Wherever we operate your vehicle repair company, they will come across several competitors. You must complete your ideal workshop if you want every consumer to enter your business. Car Fix Tycoon MOD APK  Compete in a Variety of Contests

Unrestricted funds

Let’s say you require specific tools for the repair process at your workplace. After that, you must use actual money to buy them. However, if you don’t want to spend money, you need to download the game’s mod. The mod game offers unlimited money, allowing you to purchase anything.


If you’re looking for a repair shop in the best possible universe, check out Car Fixing Tycoon MOD APK. You are the proprietor of a vehicle business where you offer your clients first-rate automotive services. Use all the available resources to mend and repair their automobiles and make a lot of money. If you have never played it, download the car-fixing game right away. I’m hoping you like it.


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