Download: Chicken Gun MOD APK 3.1.03 (Unlimited Money)

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NameChicken Gun
Last version 3.1.02
Size267.93 Mb
Last version 3.1.03



Playing the game Chicken Gun MOD APK involves using a gun that fires rubber bullets. Play it to fire rubber bullets at the opposing player.

If you enjoy playing games, your mobile device likely has many of them. Numerous game categories include action, arcade, simulation, and puzzles. If you enjoy playing action games, the internet is full of both casual and competitive options. Playing action games makes you feel incredibly accomplished and joyful. Your energy levels will rise, and your multitasking abilities will advance. So we’ve brought you Chicken Gun Mod APK, a fun action game today. In this exciting shooting game, you can take action and shoot the other players. This game is simple enough for everyone to play and is incredibly exciting.

Chicken Gun Mod APK

What is Chicken Gun MOD APK?

An excellent action game featuring only chicken characters is Chicken Gun MOD APK. In this action-shooting game, there are numerous enemies for you to take down. Its entire cast is endearing and adorable, and you have to shoot your foes to survive. This game requires you to navigate a variety of other stages. Additionally, you are given a variety of obstacles to overcome and foes to defeat. It was created by ChaloApps, and more than 10 million people have downloaded it.

Features of Chicken Gun

You must have noticed that most action games feature violence and riots. This will undoubtebe dly like the action portions of this game, which are also really entertaining because it is an international cockfighting game that is played amicably. You can create your character right here. You also receive a ton of fantastic premium features in addition to that, all of which are beneficial to you. Tell us about its distinctive qualities, which are listed below.

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feture of chicken gun mod apk

Multiplayer Game Modes

Consider that you enjoy gaming and wish to play games with your pals. Because it contains a multiplayer mode, you will adore this game. This allows you to meet new people and enjoy playing online games with them. You can compete against other chickens here, win the game, and receive awards or prizes.

just customizing your character is an option if you want them to appear excellent. Fantastic personalization choices are available here, allowing you to shape your personality considerably. The color, size, and other features of the cock feathers are customizable. omize Your Character

New Type of Fire Guns

Since this is an action-shooting game, you will need potent weaponry to take out your adversaries. You may now find a wide variety of fire weapons here. You can use the best gun of your choosing to shoot opponents from this list.

Unlimited Money

Every time you play a game, you must purchase some stuff, and you need money. However, you get infinite money when you download the modified version of this game from our website. This enables you to purchase any item for nothing.

Stunning Graphics with Best Audio Effects

The rules of this game are simple, and anyone can play it well. You will enjoy the stunning graphics found here. You will also get the fantastic sound quality that draws players to this game.

No Ads

You must have noticed several times that once you play a game, you begin to see annoying advertisements repeatedly. However, there won’t be any problems with ads here because the game’s mod version includes an ad-free functionality.


As previously mentioned, Chicken Gun MOD APK is an action-packed shooting and fire game. You may easily win the game because of its many enjoyable premium features. You will have access to various customization choices to help you create a compelling character. All of the products are available for free use here. I hope everyone enjoys this funny shooting game. You must play this game if you still need to download it.

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