Download Dark Sword (MOD, Unlimited Money) 2.3.5 free on android

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 This Dark Sword MOD APK is essentially a fantasy RPG, and you are allowed to participate as a black knight, who must journey through countless labyrinths and places engulfed in darkness to obtain Gold, Souls, Keys, and Stamina.

Dark Sword MOD APK

Taking the sun and disappearing from the planet, the dragon left the earth in eternal darkness, with everyone having a cold and black heart back then, and it all started when that happened! No matter what it takes, we must bring the sun back to life.  

How to Download and Install


Game Overview

This Dark sword mod apk has been developed and released by NANOO COMPANY Inc for Android handsets and tablets and is an exciting and engaging role-playing game, especially if you like hack and slash games. Following the fighting techniques, this game immediately attracts the attention of every player with its realistic and appealing graphics that capture their attention. I would say that the aesthetics of this game are very similar to Shadow Fight, a shadow-based game that combines the art of shadow play in which everything, including the character of this game, has a dark appearance.

As a player of Dark Sword Cheats, you have the opportunity to lead a dark knight through various levels to progress through the game. It would be as though we were immersed in the mood and atmosphere of a horror game in which a dark dragon stole the sun, and the entire planet was plunged into darkness by him.

You are the only one who can stop all the horrid villains and monsters from revolting. We don’t know who started it all. You are the only one who can stop them all. With the help of a massive slash of his sword, you enter the stages, and you need to slash all the enemies that you come across. During this game, you are presented with a choice between destroying hundreds of dangerous monsters or going into infinite set mode and practicing your abilities with your opponents simultaneously.

What’s in Dark Sword MOD APK

There will be three different levels in the game, each of which has a score ranging from one star to three stars, which are awarded based on your performance in each stage. There are 100 levels in the game, each of which consists of 100 difficult and grueling steps.whats Dark Sword MOD APK

Each is equally important to unlocking the game’s finalboss and engaging in a thrilling battle with him to achieve the goal of opening the game’s last level. One of the essential features of this title’s section is that the player can modify and customize the character and the weapons they control and turn themselves into highly skilled assassins by modifying and customizing the character’s abilities and weapons.

You will find yourself being a hero in this game, fighting the insidious darkness and creatures that at first were not evil but have since become terrible servants. Along the way, you will face hazards and difficulties that will make your life hell. After you have mastered the most fearsome foe in the game, the Dark Dragon, you will begin your journey towards learning the skills and weapons that will enable you to take on even more difficult challenges.

In Battle Mode, start battling.

You can quickly level up your characters and improve their strength in the game’s Battle Mode. Please remember that it is the game’s equivalent of Campaign Mode in other games.

Battle Mode

After completing the initial missions, “Mission Code 01 – Return of Angels,” it’s recommended that you upgrade your characters and gears after you’ve completed all of the tasks up to that point when you’ve completed those missions, and then begin the next set of missions. It is my opinion that you will be able to finish the assignments up to that point without upgrading the Fatima (girls) too much because I will explain why I believe that upgrading the fighters is an essential step for you to take in the future.


A weapon upgrade is one of the best things you can do at any level, but you must upgrade your first weapon before moving on to the next one because they are costly. When you level up your AI and collect enough Cores, you’ll be able to upgrade to the next weapon. However, you’ll have to level up your AI to upgrade to the next gun.
Some parts can be added to the weapons to increase the weapon’s power. Various stages, quests, and activities can be performed to earn those Parts and gain them through the game.

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The fighter can enhance their skills at any time. However, they are determined by the fighter’s rank and can be improved at any time. The first fighter you start with will have no more than one talent, for example, a C-Rank soldier. By promoting her to the following ranking, B-Rank, you will be able to unlock another skill for her.
Whenever you have enough Gold in your account, you can level up your skills as much as you like!


Before you upgrade your computer, you should consider some of the following factors. Since these pieces are similar to Tetris pieces in a way, I recommend that you collect a few before you start placing them in. Don’t just throw the plugins wherever you find vacant space, as they will only fit in one slot, which can lead to wasted space if you throw them in wherever you find a void.


In addition to these starry pieces, there is another item that you might hesitate to equip. If you wish to wait for some good Insignias before putting them on, you’re welcome to do so since they will provide you with some extra statistics if you do.


For your Fatimas to function at their best, you need to equip them with Gears that provide them with additional stats. Because the Gears are battery-powered, they eventually will wear out because they are essentially battery-powered. In that case, you can recharge them, but if the gear given to your Fighter has 0% battery life, the bonus that comes from it will be lost.

Equipment Sales

I think it is great that there are so many equipment options that you can choose from, but you will soon discover that certain pieces of equipment are not needed anymore. If you want to earn a lot of money in the game, you will have to concentrate on selling stuff as you will not get much gold from the finishing levels. There is a good chance that you can make a nice profit selling some of the standard pieces of equipment you no longer need or want, so don’t be afraid to sell the items you no longer need or want. You can use your money to improve your weapons, armor, and other entities by spending it on improvements.

Equipment Upgrades

You only need to upgrade your equipment if you do not find yourself able to fight enemies or complete a level because you do not have adequate equipment. If you have enough gold, you can return to your previously completed levels and retry them to add more gold to your stash. More importantly, achieving those levels may provide you with a greater variety of equipment you could sell to earn more money. It’s straightforward – if you are broken, you have to keep grinding – that’s all you have to do.

  • Stunning fantasy visuals with a dark and beautiful aesthetic.
  • With the introduction of new weapons and abilities, the system becomes even more powerful.
  • You can choose from almost a hundred different stages and creatures to play in this game.
  • It is hard for professional players to stay up to date with the latest trends in the gaming industry. Rends in the gaming industry.
  • The light dragon and the dark dragon are in a battle,
  • Using different creatures close to you can assist you in defeating your foes faster.
  • There should be three-dimensional graphics pleasing to the eye, attractive, and artistic.
  • In this game, there are almost 100 levels that you have to complete.
  • A challenging mode is also available for the game.
  • In the game, you can upgrade the features of your character.
  • It is possible to upgrade gaming abilities and weapons during the game.


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