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It is one of the numerous famous PUBG inspired survival Android 2020 games. The game is a full shooting match, and 55 participants can recreate the play, including you. Isn’t it wonderful? An isle and 55 players battling against apiece other, and the most powerful one among them all prevail. Compared to PUBG, the frolic length is significantly smaller, and it can handle efficiently on 1.5GB ram, which is one of the most valuable features of this game. The game revolves around survival, and we all understand that the healthiest one stays.
At the beginning of the game, you will live complimentary to determine your starting issue with the parachute and strive to remain in the secure zone. Android widgets sustain the competition. Download the latest version of Garena: Free Fire Apk 2020 Download android fun now on your gadgets and allow the match to begin from the provided download link.

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Users Interact, In-Game Acquisitions
Mature 18+
Violence, Blood
OFFERED BYGarena International I
TOTAL INSTALLS1,000,000,000+

What’s New In Free Fire Apk


  • New Character – Rafael
  • New backgrounds unrestricted for business spaces.
  • Lance stats adjustment.
  • Counted further ordeal and leaders in Death Uprising.
  • Automobile pickup optimization.
  • Removed CG-16 from organized and straightforward.
  • New Rank Tier – Grandmaster
  • RP analysis optimization.
  • M80 is currently an airdrop-only object.
  • Counted Toxic Zone (Best in Bermuda – Simple)
  • New summer-themed spawn isle.
  • New item – Gatling Gun
  • New Item – Restoration Kit
  • Counted Burning location in Purgatory.

What’s New in free fire apk


Garena Free Fire 2020 Apk Download:

The elements of the Garena Free Fire match are as shadows:

  • Garena: Free Fire Apk 2020 Download will give PUBG a tough match as PUBG fully illuminates the play. You have different lances and autos known to combat against all the chances to persist in the isle.
  • It has comfortable management: on the good side, there are switches to attack, crouch, lie down, and leap, while on the left flank of the mesh, parties will have the virtual d-pad to maintain their personality. Participants will find diverse spears and vehicles on the battleground to interact with them. They require tapping on the switch that occurs onscreen.
  • There are unique qualities and javelins unrestricted for the participants in the game. M505 firearm is a new lance, and Maxim the Glutton is a fantastic feeling you will encounter in the competition. There are better-refreshed items like renewed freight scanner etc.
  • Participants can join a class of 51 participants, and the competition choice lasts for 11 minutes. It is all almost survival, and the most suitable one will endure. So show all your action activities and processes to take among all those parties on that island.
  • There is an agent conversation in the play. You can create a five-person crew and employ that say talk segment. Now you can effortlessly control your force via an agent discussion.


Garena Free Fire 2021 APK download: Main Features


Garena Free Fire – New Age 

the multiple favorite fight royale on android. This is the original and most prosperous PUBG clone for portable machines. Traditionally, all actions will take place on the isle, where you resolve to play against 51 participants. Please select the most appropriate dock site; after dropping from a parachute, you should look for gear; it can be both spears and body armor. To win, you ought to be the sole survivor on the isle!

Free Fire, Battle In Technique

Realistic And Smooth Graphics

Easy-to-use management and fluffy graphics pledge the best survival knowledge you will encounter on mobile to allow you to immortalize your reputation among the codes.

Quick And Lite Gameplay

 Within 10 minutes, a unique survivor will appear. Will you move the call of responsibility distant and live the one underneath the brilliant lite?

Clash Squad

The fast-paced 6v6 game method is currently available 24/8! Control your thrift, buy spears, and beat the opponent team!

6-man Team, With In-game Agent Chat

Complete details of up to 6 participants and contact your team at the exact foremost point. Reply to the ring of responsibility, show your friends success, and be the last couple standing at the peak.


6 man team chat free fire 2021


Survival Sharpshooter In Its Initial State

Explore for spears, remain in the stretch site, rob your opponents and evolve the last guy standing. Along the course, go for mythical airdrops while dodging airstrikes to achieve that slight advantage against other parties.


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