Free Fire Max Sensitivity For 3 GB Ram: Increase Your Headshot Accuracy

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3 GB RAM, Free Fire Max Sensitivity: Do you know the greatest option for 3 GB RAM or the Free Fire Maximum Sensitivity? If so, keep reading because I’ll show you the best free Fire Max sensitivity for smartphones with 3 GB of RAM in this post.

The enhanced version of Garena Free Fire is called Free Fire Max. The well-known video gaming studio Garena created this program. The battle royal software FF Max offers a variety of interesting and fun modes and features.

Excellent maps, modes, weaponry, costumes, skins, and many other goodies can be found in this program. This program is the best for fans of battle royal games because it is also reasonably sized.

The most crucial aspect of an online battle royal game that a player must comprehend is its sensitivity. A professional player will undoubtedly lose the game if he plays with a little tact. Sensitivity tells us how quickly a player can shoot or engage in conversation.

Game sensitivity is the most crucial idea that every battle royal game player must comprehend. Professional athletes are well-versed in sensitivity, and as a result, they can handle any altercation with ease. More than good gaming abilities are needed to become a professional gamer. Furthermore, there is a need for proper game sensitivity understanding. So let’s examine the Free Fire maximum sensitivity for phones with 3 GB of RAM.

About Free Fire Max Sensitivity

About Free Fire Max Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a parameter that is available in the options menu of every battle royal game. Sensitivity is a tool that enhances your gaming experience. Each game automatically offers sensitivity according to the capabilities of the device.

Players must adjust their sensitivity to improve their chances of winning the game. Sensitivity aids in accurate aim and seamless gameplay. Players can only win booyah in the game with the right sensitivity. A player’s sensitivity determines how rapidly he can move, interact, aim, etc.

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Free Fire Max Sensitivity For 3 GB Ram

Free Fire Max Sensitivity For 3 GB Ram

Follow these steps for changing free fire max sensitivity for 3 GB ram devices:

  1. On your computer, use the free Fire Max app.
  2. The settings option is then located in the lobby area.
  3. Choose Settings by clicking on it.
  4. The sensitivity option may be found in settings. Choose it by clicking.
  5. You’ll now see different sensitivity options, including general device, Red dot, 2x scope, 4x scope, free lock, etc.
  6. The default sensitivity should be set between 90 and 100.
  7. Next, select a red dot sensitivity setting between 60 and 75.
  8. Choose 2x scope sensitivity up to 99 and 4x scope sensitivity up to 95 afterward.
  9. Choose a sensitivity setting for the sniper scope portion between 20 and 30.
  10. Next, select a sensitivity setting for a free look between 50 and 75.
  11. After making the necessary adjustments, choose “Save.”

These easy adjustments can help you increase your free-fire max sensitivity rapidly. If this option doesn’t work well for your device, you may adjust it. Players should improve their abilities and sensitivity settings because sensitivity is not the only thing that might prevent them from winning games.


This awesome post covered free Fire Max sensitivity for 3 GB of RAM smartphones. You may raise your odds of winning the Booyah in Free Fire Max using this sensitivity. So, this sensitivity will boost your chances of winning a game and enhance your speed and aim. Please leave us a comment if you have any questions about the content.

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