Gold and Goblins MOD APK (Free Shopping) [2023]

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App Name Gold and Goblins
Genre Simulation
Latest Version 1.22.0
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Gold and Goblins Mod APK combines the best features of the Gold Mining and Idle Tycoon Merge games into a single, fresh experience. In these 3D idle clicker games, you may tap to gather gold, become wealthy, and explore tunnels filled with magic and wonder. Play in time-limited events to gain incredible rewards.


A 3D idle miner simulator called Gold and Goblins will take you on a grand voyage in pickcrafters. To become a mining tycoon, build mineshafts, gather gold, and increase your goblin army. The goblin home and mine you start with might upgrade quite quickly. You’ll have access to more goblin cards, mineshaft upgrades, and special powers as you progress in the game and mine more gold!

On your phone or tablet, you may play various idle clicker games in the universe of Gold and Goblins. In this game, you begin as a little miner with no money and work your way up to become a miner tycoon by mining gold and gemstones. Earn money rapidly! Create your empire from the ground up! In the 3D simulation game Gold and Goblins MOD APK, you take on the role of an excavator magnate. Your objective as the owner of a tiny mining firm is to explore mines and locate gold. You accomplish this by digging mine shafts and excavating to gather materials, such as ores or stones, used to upgrade cards. You uncover new mineshafts that increase your gold earnings even more as you progress toward becoming an idle mine tycoon!

Gold and Goblins MOD APK (Free Shopping) [2023]

A simulation game with more than 10 million downloads is called Gold and Goblins. In this idle miner game, you take on the role of a goblin who works in a gold mine and collects as many materials as you can.

You have fantastic visuals and fluid gameplay. You may create a winning strategy and combine the mechanics to advance more quickly. It has a lot of weekly activities that will make playing even more enjoyable.

To uncover the mines’ keys and take their treasure, you must earn gold and outcompete other goblins. You should go deep into the gold mines to find a dungeon with priceless jewels. You can never run out of diamonds because there are an infinite number of them.

We gave away a limitless amount of everything and a lot more. It combines aspects of tycoon and make-money games to offer a lovely experience. Dig your way to the top of the globe while collecting gold.

Feature for Gold and Goblins APK

The perfect idle game is called Gold and Goblins APK. It’s a straightforward yet compelling free-to-play Android game with many unique features. When the gadget is online, you can mine goblins and gold. You’ll earn more gold the more you play! Be may improve your mining equipment by putting aside the money left over after each mining turn or by making a direct purchase from the in-game store whenever the game is still in progress.

Gold and Goblins MOD APK for feature

Action game

The gameplay is enticing and compelling, so you’ll play for hours without even realizing it! Although numerous games employ similar themes, this one sticks out because it is more interesting than other games of the same kind.

The game’s rules are simple: earn money, purchase new equipment, and boost productivity to perform better than before! However, remember to touch a goblin when you see one; doing so can grant you extra experience points or gold. It would be best if you mined gold in the Gold and Goblins mod apk and used the money to buy more advanced tools. Tap on the gold coin at the bottom of the screen to choose a mine. Then, select it by touching it once again.

Please tap the goblin once to choose it, then tap it again for it to begin digging. After rummaging through them, the next stage is to gather all the priceless coins that fell to the ground. You can reach out and touch them as they vanish from sight, or you can wait until they stop falling and double-tap anywhere in your mine to gather them all at once (this option is only available if your character has a shovel).

Tour more than 60 different mines.

You may find more than 60 distinct civilizations on the sites of historical societies. Each of them conceals priceless gems that are just waiting for you to find them. As you climb the levels, you’ll be able to explore new areas and find unusual rocks with different mineral concentrations. You may become an excavator tycoon with updated cards that give you access to more sophisticated equipment and cash every hour.

multiple mineshafts

Mineshaft exploration is an option in the Gold and Goblins mod apk. After studying them, you can identify new mines and mine them for gold. As you unearth more mineshafts, your capacity for making fresh discoveries grows. The numerous different mineshafts in the game contain several goblins! These goblins may be interacted with to discover their talents and skills, which can aid you in your quest for gold.

Gold and Goblins MOD APK for multiple mineshafts

Support staff in opposition to other players for a certain amount of time.

You must finish activities rapidly to compete with other players. Get incentives for completing in the top 3 and access to exclusive events! Attempt to climb the scoreboard to the top by moving up the ranks. You’ll advance more quickly and receive pointers for achieving particular levels, which will, as a result, make it simpler to go in the future. The Mines tab and the Events page both contain events.

Be a billionaire miner. 

You may raise the stats of your cards in this Gold and Goblins MOD APK game by upgrading them. To produce a more critical card, you can combine two cards of the same type. When you have too many cards and aren’t using them to finish quests or other things, you may sell them for gold (such as by combining them with other cards). In the game, cards are utilized to fulfill tasks.

Gain more money and more powerful demons

You may enhance your income in two ways. The first is by updating the cave systems obtainable on the map and improving the amount of gold you start receiving from each mine. The second way is by upgrading your goblins by merging them. This strengthens their attacks and grants them access to new skills. Players may gain more money and battle-useable equipment by spending gold on cards that make it simpler for them to win events (e.g., potions).


stunning 3D scenes

The game’s 3D visuals are stunning and realistic. You can see that a lot of effort was put into making the settings appear as authentic as possible while preserving a sense of imagination. The background music is well-designed, and the sound effects are high caliber, improving the experience.

Gold and Goblins MOD APK for stunning 3D scenes

1 Stones Balls Impact

You have a goblin in this game that can alter its appearance based on the shapes of neighboring blocks. Except for a few special blocks, the idea is that you’ll have a variety of goblins with different destructive prowess. It appears to be a simple chore at first, but if there are a lot of goblins nearby, they will swiftly demolish everything.

Gather cash, even when away.

Even when you are not online, you can still gather gold. This means that regardless of whether you are online, you may manage your gold while on the road.

Exploit rock and take pleasure in the discovery of gold

To boost your gold revenue, you will need to mine. By touching the mineshaft button at the top of your screen and then any accessible rock in the list below, you may mine for valuable minerals. Your dwarves will start excavating a tunnel, and they’ll keep doing so until they run into another kind of rock or a goblin-filled cave.

Free Purchasing

You may buy many products in the game through the shop. These consist of gold, improvements, and unique abilities. When you use your mouse or touchpad to click on things, they appear in a different screen area. When you buy anything, it is added to your inventory, where you may utilize it in combat by picking it with the cursor keys.

Unrestricted funds

You will have infinite money in the game because of the game-changing ability called Unlimited Money! This makes it simpler for you to advance through this lovely journey since you’ll be able to purchase all of the products in the store and unlock every level for free. Only the game’s modified version offers this function. If you’re an iPhone user and want to unlock all levels with infinite money, please switch to an Android smartphone because the creators have not yet made it available for iOS users.


You may play Gold and Goblins MOD APK offline without an internet connection. Gold and money are also endless. Since this is a modified game version, several features aren’t in the original edition.

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