Grand Action Simulator: New York Car Gang For Android Gameplay

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A mission-based action game called Grand Action Simulator: New York Car Gang tests your ability to conquer New York City. In this messy adventure packed with adventures, vandalize buildings, ruin your adversaries, steal automobiles, and rise to the position of king of crime. Grand Action Simulator

You’ll meet the biggest drug dealers on the planet in this tale. In New York, the most deadly criminals from Mexico or Russia are converging, and you must eliminate them before they reach you. Achieving the objective you were given at the start is necessary for successfully completing your assignment. While some tasks have no time limit, others demand that you drive aggressively to get there.

Given the size of New York, you must commit to memory of the key locations on the map. Find your homes, garages, stores that sell firearms, changing rooms, and other important locations that can help you accomplish your objectives.

It should be noted that on a sizable map, you can steal automobiles, motorcycles, or trucks and flee from the authorities quickly. Manage your actions and strike as precisely as you can at those attempting to kill you. In this insane tale, you shoot your rivals to kill them and rise to the position of a respected drug lord in the region.

Release Date

Since December 2022, you can play the game online. It was first made available as an Android app in September 2022. In December 2023, the game received an update to its most recent version…


Grand Action Simulator: New York Car Gang is developed by Games.

Features  Grand Action Simulator

  1. Graphical settings that are scalable.
  2. Big map open-world exploration.
  3. Many options for guns.
  4. Lots of missions to finish.


  1. Desktop browser
  2. Android apps


  • Arrow keys or WASD to move
  • Open the nearest garage,
  • Click left to shoot or punch.
  • Spacebar: jump
  •  Right shift: sprint
  • Change weapons
  • open car, open storefront adjacent, and grenade
  • Switch grenade,
  • Change the car’s camera

Garbage truck controls Grand Action Simulator

  • Pitchfork up: Z
  • Pitchfork down: X
  • Dump start: Q
  • Dump end: E

Lift container: space bar


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