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Bots are computer-controlled players in online games. In “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG), bots are used to fill up empty servers and make the game more challenging for new players. While some gamers enjoy playing against bots, others find them a nuisance. If you want to know how to identify bots in PUBG, there are a few things you can look for.

When you’re in a match, take note of the players’ names.


 pubg players' names.


If you see any characters that look like they could be generated by a computer (for example, “Player1234”), then there’s a good chance that they’re bots.


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You can also look for constantly looting players, as bots will often do this to get more supplies. In addition, you can watch the players’ movements. Bots tend to move very robotic manner, which can be easy to spot.


If you’re having trouble identifying bots yourself, you can ask other players in your game or on forums if they’ve noticed any. Once you’ve identified a bot, you can usually ignore it and focus on playing against real players.

However, some gamers enjoy trying to take them down. If you’re feeling particularly competitive, you can try to kill as many bots as possible in a match. Just be warned that this can often lead to frustration, as bots can be pretty challenging to eradicate.

In general, bots are not a massive problem in PUBG. They can occasionally make the game less enjoyable for some players, but they’re not game-breaking. If you’re having trouble with them, try to ignore them and focus on playing against real players. With a bit of practice, you should easily spot them in a match.

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