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PUBG MAPS [Player Unknown Battlefields Interactive Live Map] 2022

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PUBG MAPS ;The first playable map of PUBG will be Erangel. This map will be laid out on a grid of 8km x 8km, making it quadruple the previously released Sanhok map size. The large playing area allowed a player to strategize their drop to maximize their chances of survival during the initial stages of the game. Occasionally, one might find themselves driving their vehicle as they traverse this picturesque map at some point in time.

The world of Erangel appears to be a mix of cities, small towns, a power plant, and a military base spread over vast expanses of greenery. This provides the player with a great deal of interest to explore. There is a lot of variety in the weather, and the large distances on the map mean that all kinds of gunfights can be expected, including intense short bursts and those long-ranged sniper attacks.

A weapon that is exclusive to Erangel cannot be found anywhere else. Although the SCAR-L assault rifle features only Erangel and Miramar, it is still close to the SCAR-L.


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Erangel Map Loot Places

  • Those who hunt in the Erangel pubg vehicle spawn map will likely find the maximum loot at these three loot areas. Despite this, one must be extremely careful as these areas are usually swarming with other players during the initial stage of the game.

Erangel Map Loot Places

Military Base Sosnovka:

  • Located on the island to the south, the Sosnovka Military Base is one of the ideal starting points in the pubg drop map Game for finding consistent loot consisting of high quantities of weapons, armors, and attachments.
  • It should be noted that the school is situated at the center of the Erangel pubg interactive map and one of the more popular places amongst the players due to its proximity to the center. There is a reasonableificant amount of loot, including assault rifles, DMRs, and mostly level 2 gear, which can be found in substantial quantities in this area.

Power Corporation, Malta 

  •  The Malta Power is a power plant located in the eastern part of the map and a source of high-quality loot, including sniper rifle attachments and level 3 military gear.
  • In addition to the Pochinki, Gerogepol, the Prison, and Novorepnoye. 

A guide to Erangel Map – Start Locations

  • The map of Eagle is a huge one. It would be highly beneficial for you to parachute into a zone up out of the loot area. However, this zone still has a high spawn rate of vehicles. This will enable you to move towards these concentrated areas while your opponents eliminate each other quickly.

Miramar, a map of the area

  • Playable map Miramar, part of PUBG’s Miramar series, is the second map to be released by the company behind the franchise. As with Erangel, this map is also made up of a grid of 8km x 8km, allowing players to make their own choices regarding their approach in order to become the last man standing.
  • On the other hand, unlike the lush green area of Erangel, Miramar offers a desert environment with sparse foliage. If you plan on avoiding action for the majority of the game, then the only place you can seek refuge is within a constructed structure.
  • A sniper rifle called Win94 is exclusively available in the Miramar map. There are three other Miramar weapons that aren’t freely available across all three pubg mao maps, the SCAR-L, Sawed-Off, and R45.

Map Loot Places on the Miramar Map

  • Finding the maximum loot at the following three areas in the Miramar map is possible. However, during the initial stages, these areas are usually swarmed with other players, so one should be extremely careful when entering them.

Miramar map Mobile


  •  Located in the southwest corner of the map, the prison is away from all the action that usually takes place at the center of Miramar. However, the jail on a small island is an excellent location to look for weapons and armor. If you are looking for loot that features Sin –
  • The Sin, you will be able to find some high-quality loot, but you will have to compete with a lot of competition during the early stages of the game due to its position in the center of the map. Centre of the map. In my opinion, quite a few players seem to gravitate towards the center during the looting process, so it is essential to remain on your toes to make it through the chaos.

Campo Militar 

  • Campo Militar is located in the northeast corner of the map. To reach this spot, one will have to do a significant amount of traveling if they wish to parachute into the central area of the map.
  • Besides Planta Potabilizadora and Hacienda Del Patron, there are other loot areas in Miramar.

Orientation to the Miramar Map – Start Locations

  • A great way to stock up on loot in the early stages of the game is by parachuting yourself into one of the loot locations. It should be noted that this could be described as a risky move as one faces stiff competition with many players dropping in the exact location at the same time. Opping in the same place at the same time. It would be ideal to land far away from a popular loot area and then move quickly to that area with a vehicle and then quickly return to their safe location.

Map of Sanhok

  • The Sanhok map is different from the other PUBG maps because it is specifically designed to give players a faster pace throughout the round than the other maps. The map has four lakes, making the challenge four times more excellent. It is 4km X 4km, four times the size of the others.
  • Featuring lush greenery reminiscent of the rainforests of Southeast Asia, Sanhok features an expansive network of roads and canals crossing lush greenery interspersed with buildings, ruins, and military bases that are dotted throughout the city.

Sanhok map Download

  • Furthermore, this map was one of the first to introduce the weather system to the game and improved weapon spawning for a faster game playing experience.
  • As well as that, this map is the first to feature exclusive vehicles and weapons, including the QBZ 95 assault rifle and the QBU88 designated marksman rifle.

Map Loot Places on Sanhok

  • Among the three loot locations in the Sanhok map, the following three are likely to offer maximum loot:

The ruinous ruins 

  • As the ruins are extensively littered with loot across multiple floors, the area during the initial stages of the game tends to be a hotly contested one. Therefore, one should prepare enough firepower to survive the early onslaught.

Training Bootcamp 

  • During the final stages of the round, the battle zone consists of a massive warehouse containing thousands of weapons and is an ideal place to stock up on weapons before entering the battle zone.

There are three camps – Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. 

  • Although these three camps are not high on loot, it has become apparent that there is quite a bit of spawn gear at these locations, forcing many players to come here.
  • Aside from the Paradise Resort and the Docks, there are other areas of interest to visit.

An Overview of the Sanhok Map – Start Locations

  • As you may know, the benefit of parachuting into one of the loot areas early on in the game is that you will be able to stock up on your supplies. But, it is important to know how to plan your strategy at these times since there will be stiff competition.
  • Sanhok is only a quarter the size of the other two maps on PUBG, and landing at areas near the edges of the map could prove to be helpful in planning one’s approach since one wouldn’t need to cover vast distances to remain in the safe zones.

Sanhok Map - Start Locations

Map of the Vikendendi Movement

  • It is a snow pubg heat map that was introduced across all platforms. And as far as we are aware, this is the fourth map in this battle royale game. Vikendi is a 6Km X 6Km map and is slightly bigger than Sanhok. However, it is smaller than Erangel and Miramar. Players can play both the day and night versions of the map based on an isolated island resort in the north.
  • Vikendi is the only map that has the G36C, an assault rifle. In Vikendi, you will find a variety of major cities, including Dobro Mesto, Goroka, Podvosto, and Villanova.

Loot Places on the Ikendi pubg maps names

  1. There is a dinosaur park located in suburban Kinston
  2. An example of a cement factory
  3. In the Cosmodrome
  4. There are many hot springs in the area
  5. The port city

“Karakin Map” (in Russian)

  • There has just been a new map released in the game by PUBG Corp called Karakin. It appears to be the most miniature map out of all the available maps, and it almost feels like the combination of Miramar and Sanhok. The desert map Karakin is one of the most intense maps in the game.
  • Weapon spawn rates are low in the game compared to other maps (at least for the top tier), and the Winchester gun is essential for success. There is also a low spawn rate of utilities in the game, and players have to make the most out of what they find.

karakin map pubg mobile download

The map has six large towns located in the corners, and there are dozens of small towns and buildings dotted throughout the middle part of it. There are only six named towns in Karakin, and they are as follows:

  • Al Hayik, of course.
  • Hadiqa Nemo, for example.
  • Bashara
  • Container Ship, for instance.
  • It is located on the Gulf of Aden.
  • It is really a wonderful place to spend time.

The gameplay of Karakin is quite different from that of other maps when it comes to its design. It is a fast-paced game, and players with an aggressive approach will be more comfortable playing it than others. Currently, the map is only available in PC version of PUBG, but we can expect it to appear on mobile platforms in the near future.

The new PUBG maps have been released

  • Io maps, Tencent has confirmed that Erangel 2.0 will be added to the game shortly. A revamped version of the original Erangel map has been added for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and will retain the majority of the map’s features. There are several new changes to the map, including new structures, new terrains, and a crisper design. The exact release date of the map has not yet been disclosed, but it is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Tencent has released a teaser video showing a few glimpses of the new map, showing a few glimpses of the new map.


How many maps are there in PUBG mobile?

  • At launch, PUBG: New State will have four maps available. These are the two battle royale pubg mobile maps, Troi and Erangel, a training ground, and a map for a team dethatch called Station. The battle royale mode can be played in FPP or TPP with or without a squad of players.

Where are the maps in PUBG?

  • There are two maps in PUBG: Erangel (Alpha Map) and Iramar (Map 2), each of which is a sand map based on the Central American continent. Map 3 shows Vikendi, one of the Adriatic island snow maps. The map of Sanhok (Map 4) shows a forest map in Southeast Asia.

Which map is most extensive in PUBG?

  • Miramar is a standard 8×8 map size with a desert theme focused on the desert landscape. It might not be the most extensive map in PUBG, but it’s the one with the most landmass, with a large majority of the area being filled with land and a couple of small cities.

In India, how many maps are available in the PUBG mobile application?

  • There are several maps available in Battlegrounds [pubg erangel map] Mobile India. During the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton announced that players could choose between four different Battle Royale maps. Erangel is one of those maps.

Why is the Vikendi map not available?

  • Even though it hasn’t been explained why this is being done, it is likely to keep queue times as low as possible within the game. Vivendi has being removed from the team is not a surprise. There has already been an announcement that the map will be released from all official PUBG Mobile esports tournaments in the first half of 2021. The purple area shown on the mini-map signals the removal of the map.

Which is the most miniature map in PUBG?

  • Sanhok, PUBG’s most miniature map, is a densely forested island full of mountains and trees. The island is divided into three significant sections by rivers, so players will have to evaluate their risks when crossing the water or crossing one of the island’s many bridges.

Is PUBG making a new map?

  • PUBG is bringing back large maps, as well as a brand new feature you need to know about. PUBG developer Kreton has big plans for the game in the future. In a recent development update, the studio provided a general overview of what new content will be coming to the game in the following months. The game’s third 8×8 km map, codenamed Tiger, will be released later this year.

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