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Hello PUBG players, we would like to talk about PUBG MOBILE CHAT ROOM which came out recently.

  • The first time I saw this chat, I couldn’t believe how it was terrible.
  • So I’d like to point out as many problems as possible and some suggestions as well.
  • Some of these may be wrong or just don’t fit, but this is my honest opinion.

I will not talk about the good things at all, so please don’t ask me anything about it being better than others; I have no idea, nor do I care about the details of their chat window, and neither should you for now.

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How to Create a Room in PUBG Mobile

The first part of understanding how to create a PUBG MOBILE CHAT ROOM has a company with you. This is straightforward sufficient, as combining friends is moderately manageable in the game. However, designing a room isn’t as clear. Following the squad food, you can see an alternative called “opportunity.” Create a Room in PUBG Mobile

This could guide you to understand that choosing it will be how to create a room in PUBG Mobile, although that isn’t the problem. Choosing this decision will appear in a mistake message for some purpose. While this strength performs you think it isn’t reasonable, that isn’t the problem. You are nevertheless capable of creating a room.

Because for how to build a room in PUBG Mobile, you will require to, alternatively, conform to the information statement. From there, see the global chat room table. From this table, you will see all the chat opportunities that you are currently in. This will happen where you will encounter your squad’s chat room. If you don’t possess one, you can efficiently create a dissimilar space directly here, and your team will be qualified to go.


  • The chat can hold a large number of messages now.
  • There is now a text bar at the bottom to type messages (instead of having to click).
  • The chat shows who and how many people are typing currently.


 No Way to Change the PUBG MOBILE CHAT ROOM Background.

  • The chart doesn’t show which player is talking, what they are typing, or how many players are in the room currently. (please add pictures below)
  • Typing symbol for people who are typing does not show up. 
  • Typing symbol for people who are typing is too far away from the message bubbles. (How did they even get that idea?)
  •  There’s no way to see how many players are online without clicking on the chat room, making it harder to post rooms and invite friends. (please add pictures below)
  • No way of seeing what servers a chat room is on without going into the chat. (please add pictures below)
  •  No hotkey to open the chat while being in a match. (not that important, but it would be nice.)
  • The room name needs to have a unique name for you to get notified when it gets new messages. Otherwise, you won’t get any notifications.

About Notification

  •  Notifications for all rooms you’re in do not show up if it’s a popular chat room. (For example: “PUBG Mobile Philippines” room.
  •  No way to make a separate chat room with your friends or others currently. (PLEASE, MAKE WAY FOR THIS!)

Server Selection / Server Indicator / Invite Friends

  • If you add a chat room, anyone from any server can join the chat. It will be hard to have one conversation for everyone in your server or group of friends if you don’t plan on changing the name each time you want a new room. This is worse than before when you could at least make a chat room for each friend group.

Server Selection / Server Indicator / Invite Friends

  • The only way to tell what server the chat is on currently is by clicking it to see which one it is.
  • There’s no way to invite friends or others into the chat unless they have your ID, but since you can’t communicate with them that way either, there’s no point in keeping it.
  • There’s also no way of seeing how many players are currently in the room if they don’t message you or you can’t invite them. 


  • I’m sure this is not the only problem with the chat, and I would appreciate it if someone could help me notice some more or point out any issues I may be missing.
  • Adding a background and reworking the UI would make this chatroom acceptable, but with all these problems… I’d instead use the old one.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below or DM me on Discord

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