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PepsiCo’s sports drink Gatorade has partnered with Tencent’s hugely popular “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG MOBILE SILVER FRAGMENT) to bring a special edition bottle commemorating the game and its success.

(How To Add Friends On PUBG Mobile Game Possible Free To Play 2020 Version)

How Do You Transfer Silver Fragments To A Friend In PUBG Mobile?

Open the room furthermore click on the CART through which you can start the Store.

  1. Click on the Reserves and unlock the riches hanging in the game.
  2. Click on the thing you need to transfer to a colleague.
  3. Click on the box icon.
  4. Click on the companion you need to give the ability to, and you are done.

How do you send silver fragments to a friend in PUBG mobile?

How to Give a Gift in PUBG Mobile

  1. Open the room and click on the Vehicle, through which you can start the SHOP.
  2. Click on the Wealth and open the wealth panel in the game.
  3. Click on the part you need to send to a colleague.
  4. Click on the box icon.
  5. Click on the companion you want to give the gift to, and you are done.

Can We Buy Silver Fragments In PUBG?

The Silver fragment is used chiefly to buy crate coupons. You can buy a voucher to make a crate for forcing them to get some rare and related items. So, It means that you can change 100 silvers with five boxes of coupon scrap.
NO5. Rank.
Tierno. of silvers
Silver 800
Gold 700
Platinum 500
Diamond 1200

How Do You Get Unlimited Silver Fragments In Bgmi?

The perfect package, bonus crate, stock crate, private are the most reliable sources for free silver coins in BGMI. By penetrating these packages, you will get silvers immediately. However, if you take extra items inside the case, you can sell them in the clearinghouse for silver.

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How to Arrange Silver Fragments in BGMI?

  1. Rich Highest Tier. The quantity of silver fragments is more potent as you arrive at the full range.
  2. Purchase Royal Pass. Once you improve the elite royale pass, you will perceive further silver fragments than a free elevated pass.
  3. Games.
  4. Unrestricted Private Boxes.
  5. Imagine a Recreation with your Old Fellow.

What Is Use Of Silver In Bgmi?

Silver pieces in BGMI are the in-game money members can use to buy faces and other in-game items in the redeem section. Gamers often open several kinds of crates in BGMI, which offer some time-limited or wearing outfits as well as silver pieces.

What is Redeem Code of Bgmi?

  1. Beginning, you have to attend the official BGMI Redemption market. 
  2. Next, click here to go. After that, fix any one of the Redeem Codes there.

Short About PUBG Business

  • As of Press time, PUBG is reportedly sold about 20 million copies since it officially launched in December 2017 on PC and Xbox One platforms in early access. A version for iOS launched earlier this month, but it was quickly removed from the app store after it was discovered that the game’s download did not support iPhone 5 or 5C devices, which means more than a quarter of all iPhones are unable to play PUBG on their device.
  • What is the business model of PUBG game?
  • Tencent has announced that it will release PUBG for Android devices in China this year. It is expected to be rolled out globally soon after that, but no official date has been confirmed yet.


  • The limited-edition bottles of Gatorade are available online in the United States, with only 250 units manufactured. Each bottle contains a code printed on its label to redeem 500 “G-coins” on PUBG’s official website.
  • There are a total of five games on the label: Blackout (the upcoming battle royale mode to rival Activation Blizzard’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4), Solos, Squads, Duo, and Platoon modes. The first 10,000 people who redeem their codes will also get an exclusive in-game emblem.
  • The drink itself claims to “replenish electrolytes lost in sweat, which helps the body perform at its best during rigorous activity” and features vital electrolyte minerals like potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg). It’s developed by PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats Company and endorsed by Gatorade athlete Steph Curry.

Business Partnership

  • Gatorade has been a partner of the NBA since 1984 when it was the official sports drink for players in all 29 stadiums. In 1997 it became an endorser of Michael Jordan, with whom Mr. Curry is often compared because both are short-statured basketball players from the United States.
  • Curry has made no official comment on the limited edition bottle of Gatorade, but he did mention that he was excited to see PUBG come to Android devices during an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.”
  • PUBG Corp is working closely with Tencent in China, but it has no partnerships with American beverage companies yet. The company was founded in South Korea but is now headquartered in Japan.


  • This article has been written by Kwon based on an official press release from PepsiCo and Tencent Holdings Limited. The original version of this article may have been edited for accuracy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the author for any questions.


How Do you Get free UC in Bgmi?

  1. Google Opinion Rewards app is an approved Google app that enables users to germinate character in surveys and get Google Play judgement.
  2. Next approaching the program is Flex aways.
  3. Multiple gaming content authors entertain everyday procedure opportunities and games with prizes like UC, Elite Royale Pass, and more extra.
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Informational Video About How to Purchase Outfit With Silver Fragments in PUBG Mobile.

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