How To Use Controller On PUBG Mobile Xbox 

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The easiest way to play PUBG Mobile Xbox One Controller compatible is via Pubg mobile controller support and pubg mobile control layout.

PUBG Mobile gameplay using an Xbox one controller on your android phone or tablet with blue stacks 3! (android emulator) Gameplay recording software: hyperx screen recorder.

You’ll need a Bluetooth controller and an OTG cable. I also recommend using a second-rate phone for this sort of thing, just in case the whole process doesn’t work.

Just connect the pc with your mobile device by wire and use the x360 joystick controller. It works, but the controller is wired.


Complete Set Up About Pubg Mobile

Not much to say; you have to download a Bluetooth app on your Android device and connect your controller via Bluetooth. Then you go into PUBG Mobile Settings > Input > Connections. Your controller should show up as connected now! Enjoy playing PUBG Mobile with your Xbox one controller!

Complete Set Up About Pubg Mobile
How to plan PUBG Mobile … When you begin the play, you’ll load to the lobby where you can fit a full variety of scenes.
  • Here’s the link to the Bluetooth app that you need on the Andriod device.
  • Well, I was able to connect my Xbox One S Controller via BT to Android Device… But only in the Training Zone. – The Controls are still broken… For example, shooting or jumping is always done with the same button (X/Square).
  • And added my Xbox One Controller in PUBG Mobile game settings. Finally, I was able to move. But it’s pretty hard to play using this controller because you can choose between 4 different kinds of buttons layout in the settings;

Can You Play PUBG Mobile With Xbox?

No, PUBG is not cross-platform on the Xbox and Mobile programs. This indicates that Xbox players cannot play with Mobile players. PUBG is not cross-platform because the Xbox One (and other console versions) run a somewhat restricted Unreal Motor account.

About Bluetooth

  • You don’t need Bluetooth; connect your phone to your laptop with a USB cord and follow the instructions. This will work on your PC, Linux, Mac, or anything else as long as you can install Android Studio as I did.
  • About Bluetooth
    View and Download HD Basic Bluetooth Battle Royale Controller – iPhone Game Controller Pubg.

If you want to play pubg mobile on pc with Xbox one controller so here is a tutorial.

Connection with Wried, USB, and OTG Adaptor.

You can still use a wired controller with a USB cable or Bluetooth controller with an OTG adapter and a USB cable. No matter what people say, they hate this because mobile gaming isn’t console gaming. Either way works for me.. Xbox one controller wired or using Bluetooth with an OTG adapter and a USB cable. It’s the cheapest way to do this and still get some actual gameplay in.

Connection with Wired,USB and OTG Adaptor

  • if you want to play without wireless, then connect your controller via USB
  • I know that, but when I plug in my USB for my controller. My phone continuously detects it as a keyboard. So I can’t use it as a controller.

Problem With PUBG Mobile

Problem With PUBG Mobile

I’m using my master, and I had to update its firmware after connecting it to my phone (Xperia Z5), and now the problem with PUBG mobile not allowing me to play until I disconnect the MX master.

Is PUBG Mobile Easier Than Xbox?

The consoles are somewhat lower due to the less optimal directions, but it’s still frightening enough. PUBG Mobile embraces everyone with open arms and is easier to play because some members are not severe or have fun. The game also seldom uses bots to boost your self-esteem.

About PUBG Mobile Supports

PUBG mobile supports standard USB controllers and Bluetooth Gamepads (that work in MFI mode). If you’re trying to connect a third-party controller: 1) check what kind of input your device accepts, 2)connect it by USB or Bluetooth 3)enter the input settings 4)search for your controller and add it. If it’s a third-party controller, you might need to look up if it works with PUBG mobile in the community forums of the manufacturer of your device 5) consider contacting their customer support / looking through their knowledge-base 6)consider making a post in one of the subreddits.


  • Buy an Xbox 360 controller from Amazon(at least $19.99); it works perfectly on my Moto G4 Plus XT1622 – yes, even with Bluetooth, you don’t need any other adapter or whatever to pair it with your mobile phone/tablet…just plug-in a micro-USB cable and keep hitting the Xbox button (middle one) until it starts flashing (takes like 5 seconds)…after that, you can configure your controller with the game.

Opinion Feedback

  • I know this is an old comment, but I recently got pubg mobile on my phone, and right when I go to play, it says “Unable to Detect Hardware” please help me out here.


  • I’m using MX master, and I had to update its firmware after connecting it to my phone (Xperia Z5), and now the problem with PUBG mobile not allowing me to play until I disconnect the MX master.

Final Words of PUBG Mobile Xbox

I have a wired Xbox 360 controller, and I just switched from my galaxy s5 to the Galaxy S8+. Whenever I try to use my controller on PUBG mobile, it automatically sets it as a keyboard. So now the buttons are messed up when playing because it thinks it’s being pressed over and over again. I used to love this game, and it was probably the only reason I played it, but now because of that, it is unplayable. Please help!

Final Words of PUBG Mobile Xbox

I know that, but when I plug in my USB for my controller. My phone continuously detects it as a keyboard. So I can’t use it as a PUBG Mobile Xbox controller.


Is PUBG available on Xbox Series S?

The game was initially published for the better Xbox One line but lately also made it to Xbox Series S and X. It has been initially capped at 30 FPS on Xbox Series S but has since been updated with 40 FPS support. Nevertheless, an issue forcibly reverts PUBG to 50 FPS on the Xbox Series S, down from fluid 70 FPS.

Learn Complete Process About PUBG Unboxing For XBOX One X ( is it4K ).

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