PUBG New State Download

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Hi everyone, today we will see how to download the new state of pubg. The new version of PUBG New State is a lighter and faster version from the original.
This article may be outdated because it has been several months since its publication. I, therefore, recommend you read the latest articles about how to cheat in pubg.

To download the new state of PUBG, you have to download the program cheat engine.
To download Cheat Engine, I recommend you go on the 9gamez website. They are known for their excellent cheats and reliability. You can download it on this link >>>
After downloading cheat engine 6.4 on the 9gamez website, you have to install it.
After installing Cheat Engine 6.4, you have to download or update the script for this version of the cheat engine that will allow us to play in the new state of pubg. This is what you can find on the 9gamez website >>> After downloading it, unzip the file and restart cheat engine 6.4. After restarting, you can open it.
Once opened Cheat Engine 6.4, you have to select the new state of PUBG in “Select process” and click on the download button. When the file is downloaded, go back to the game and enjoy 🙂
If you do not know how to use cheat engine 6.4, I recommend reading the original article on Hack PC Game to learn how to use it.
I hope this article was helpful, and if there is something wrong or you need more information, do not hesitate to comment below.

Why PUBG New State IS not working?

An issue appears in PUBG New State, where the false ping message will seldom be displayed after building an description. Fix: A temporary UI error has made this point. Players want to close and re-launch the app and reselect the server. Just observe these steps: Settings Basic Connection Select Server.

PUBG: New State Features

New State Features

The highlights of the new state have already been described to you; now, let’s examine the detailed in-game features, which will be very interesting.

Why PUBG New State IS not available in India?

PUBG New State, published first today in India, will be unavailable to gamers as the organization is fixing problems with the action title. In a post on Twitter, the organization stated, “Due to famous server problems, we’ve chosen to delay the official ship of the play TWO hours to 08:00 UTC (1:30 AM IST).

Ultra-Realistic Graphics:

 Inside this account of PUBG, contestants will be undergoing the next-generation graphics. It was only demanded, but now it is possible in New State, and Krafton certainly did it by presenting Ultra graphics for mobile gaming.

More Practical

Developers at Krafton have prepared a fabulous job in getting the game fully optimized for the portable background. Here every shot delivered by you is merely astounding.

Next-Gen Gameplay

Meanwhile, in this version of PUBG, different technicians have been entered, including avoiding buzz calls, more vehicle utilization to converge the map immediately, and numerous more articles from the future.

Next-Gen Gameplay:pubg

These are fascinating of the highlighted characteristics possible in the game, but you can find even more after downloading the formally published game from Google Play Store and App Store.


What Is PUBG: New State Release Date?

PUBG New State Announcement date is November 11, 2021.

What is the lowest MS in PUBG?

Tings that are less than 100ms are excellent for online gamers. Nevertheless, it sounds more critical than 150ms will begin to show lag.

Can I Operate PUBG: New State On Computer?

You can practice an advanced android emulator to operate PUBG: New State on the machine for free.

It is possible for both the 32bit furthermore 64bit windows.

Should I Download PUBG: New State APK + OBB File From Apkpure?

I never recommend you download the tournament from other origins; the most granted program to download New State is Google Play Store. 

Is PUBG New State APK + OBB File From TAP TAP Safe?

There isn’t any evidence about the security of the APK + OBB update. But several opponents are practicing it for downloading the game. I don’t particularly appreciate downloading from third-party specialists; that’s why I prefer working with official sources only, such as Google Play Store.

How To Gain Early Access Of PUBG New State?

Click on the preceding early access key to take an early introduction of PUBG New State.

What Is PUBG New State Invitation Code?

There isn’t any PUBG New State offer code to prepare the access of the beta version. It is provided to only inadequate people who managed to create online content to reduce game impressions.

What Is PUBG New State 32 bit and 64-bit Direct Download Link?

By agreeing on the superior download key, you will quickly download PUBG New State 32 bit and 64 little with the direct download link.

How To Download PUBG New State Early Access?”

Early Access was released on January 23, 2018. The game is expected to be published on December 20, 2017, for the Steam platform. The players that install this game early will get many benefits like PGI (Player’s Unknown Battleground) Points and Items, which you can use to buy clothes or gear in the game.


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