How to guide on reporting cheaters in PUBG Mobile[ cheaters and rewards ]

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How to guide on reporting cheaters in PUBG Mobile:If you think someone is cheating in PUBG Mobile, you can do a few things to report them.
First, take a screenshot or video of the inferred cheater. This will be helpful evidence for the PUBG Mobile team investigating the claim.
Next, open the in-game report menu and select the “Cheating” option. From there, you’ll be competent to choose the player you’d like to report and submit your claim.
The PUBG Mobile team will then investigate the player and take appropriate action if they are found to be cheating.




How to report player in pubg mobile

If you want to report a player in PUBG Mobile, you’ll need to fill out a form on the official Tencent Games support website. You can find the form by going to this link: Once you’re on the form, you’ll need to input your information, including your in-game nickname, the player’s in-game nickname, and a description of what happened. You can also upload up to three screenshots to help support your report. After you’ve submitted the form, it will be reviewed by the PUBG Mobile team and they will take appropriate action if the player is found to be in violation of the game’s rules.

How to check who reported you on pubg

Unfortunately, there is no way to restrict who reports you in PUBG. The designers have not released any information on this matter, and, likely, they never will. So, if you’re wondering who reported you, the best thing to do is move on and try to improve your gameplay so that it doesn’t happen again.

What happens when you report someone on PUBG Mobile?

When you report someone on PUBG Mobile, they will be investigated by the PUBG Mobile anti-cheat team. If they are discovered to be cheating, they will be excluded from the game. Cheaters are not tolerated in PUBG Mobile and will be punished accordingly.

How to report cheaters and win free rewards

If you’re fed up with cheaters in your favorite online games, there’s something you can do about it! You can report them and potentially earn some free rewards in the process.

Before you report a player, be sure to have proof that they’re cheating. A screenshot or video recording of the offending behavior is usually sufficient. Once you have that, you can file a report with the game’s customer service team or an online anti-cheat organization.

If your report is valid, the cheater may be banned from the game, and you may receive some free in-game items as a reward for your efforts! So next time you see someone cheating, don’t only sit there and stink – do something about it!

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how many reports to get banned on pubg mobile

How many reports are required to get banned on PUBG Mobile is not understood. However, if you consistently receive negative feedback from other players, your account may be at risk of being banned. Be sure to play fair and report any toxic behavior you see to keep the community positive and enjoyable.

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