The practice of spamming reports has been banned in PUBG.

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A spamming reports PUBG reputation system was introduced to PlayerUnknown’s Battleground by PUBG Corp so that all players could have a more effective matchmaking experience. There has, however, been a glitch in the reporting system, allowing players to abuse it to lower the reputation of players without warning.

 It has been reported that the latest patch notes for the PUBG update 11.2 address the exploit of this glitch, which in turn puts an end to the abuse that was happening due to it. In the patch notes, we explain that we have examined the components of the system that cause frustration and made changes to prevent players from abusing the report mechanic, which had allowed malicious players to harm someone else’s reputation unfairly, ” said the developers.

As of patch 11.2, the replay system will no longer allow users to spam multiple reports for the singular purpose of damaging a player’s reputation. This also applies to teammates reporting random players en masse. The reason for this is that we have added a new upper limit to what you can lose in reputation per match.




The fact that PUBG Corp has also increased the number of reputation points available for players is intended to encourage them to conduct themselves better. As a reward for their good behavior, the players with the lowest reputation level of 1 or below and those with the highest reputation level of 4 will be rewarded with more reputation points as a reward.

You might think that this sounds a bit vague, and it is, but I think for good reasons. Since PUBG Corp hasn’t revealed the method behind its reputation system or how it will be changed, players aren’t in a position to manipulate it to cause these kinds of problems in the future.

You can now ease your mind by knowing that your work will no longer be reported maliciously if you continue on your way to the top of the PUBG ranks in peace. It’s that simple.

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