Westland Survival Mod Apk 5.1.0 (Unlimited money) Download

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The survival game Westland Survival Mod APK allows players to take on the role of a law-abiding bounty hunter. In this online Western role-playing game (RPG), you may develop your character, learn to control your horse, and fight to stay alive. Throughout this application, you will be tasked with protecting your stronghold by stocking it with rare materials and fending off intruders. In this area, you may engage in player vs player combat with other cowboys in the Alliances game mode and collect plunder with other players. Visit  Website

Building a stable for your horses is going to be of great assistance to you. There are a lot of frightening creatures, and there are also old caverns that are terrible for you to explore. It is necessary to construct weapons and spears before going on a hunt for wild animals. It is possible to find amidin the midst of the bustling plains, where it seems to be a lifeless red island. You were the sole survivor when your buggy cowboy was ambushed by robbers, and you were furious enough to bring those gunslingers even though the fact that you were the only one left alive.

App Name Westland Survival Mod Apk
Latest Version5.1.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Gold, Gems

Download Westland Survival Mod Apk

Westland Survival MOD APK Features

Put your survival skills to the test in the Wild West Adventure and become a real-life outlaw! In the Western-themed online role-playing game, you’ll need to shape your character, train your mount, and stay alive. Features of the Game Include Constructing a Wild West Ranch and Constructing a Home that Will Help You Survive in the Wild West. Collect resources, make workbenches out of those resources, hunt out rare materials, and construct the ideal stronghold. Build Weapons and Armor in Preparation for a Battle Gather unions to create the most powerful farm or pons and armor possible. Your proficiency with a firearm will be of great use to you in the fight against robbers. Hunting Wild Animals in the Open World You can hunt wild animals in the open world for precious furs to help you survive the cold and hunger, or you can tame them and have them fight on your side. Exploring and Surviving in Unique Locations You can explore and survive in a variety of different locations. Although everyone has their special resources to offer, you’ll also find that it’s crawling with dangerous foes. Pay a visit to the Native American tribes to make spiritual things and eliminate all foes at the Bandits Outpost.

Westland Survival

Furthermore, construct a stable and learn to ride a horse. If he doesn’t have his horse and his ranch, a cowboy is nothing. If you construct a stable for your trusty companion, they will travel in traveling more quickly and carry more stuff on western excursions. The ranch simulator gives you the ability to construct the ideal home. ‘Challenge Other Players in Ladders’ ‘Complete Daily Quests for Bounty Hunts to Get Precious Rewards from the City Sheriff’ ‘Complete Daily Quests for Bounty Hunts to Earn Precious Rewards from the City Sheriff’ ‘Participate Bring some of your pals over to play! “Form an Alliance and compete in Player vs. Player mode!” Form an Alliance and start connecting your community. Achieve the status of the Wild West’s most powerful Alliance. Gold may be mined, and in PVP mode, you can compete with other players for treasure. 🐊Raise your pet. You can tame any animal you desire, and animals are useful for more than just hunting. You can make a buddy out of any pet. Conquer the broad spaces and untamed creatures of the Wild West. Get a pet to help you battle bandits and one million other players from all around the globe in Alliances. Exclusive Occasions It would be a shame to lose out on the time-sensitive events that are taking place on the Oregon Trail. Fight off an attempted railway robbery and rescue passengers from criminals. Survivors will be approached by passing merchants who will offer to sell them their wares. Play the Westland Survival Game and Unlock a Whole New Planet! Are you worn out from having to kill zombies in survival games that have a “last days on Earth” theme? Explore the western world in this online video game simulator, which comes with its own

unique take on action games. In the crimson valleys of the Great Oregon Trails in the American Wild West, lawless bandits, and even sheriffs are willing to put men to death in broad sight for the sake of righteous redemption. You, cowboy, are standing on brand new territory that has not yet been explored. The grasslands of Texas and New Mexico served as a haven for a wide variety of people throughout history, including frontier pioneers, bounty hunters, and even the ghosts of the dead. Imagine traveling is traveling across the desert on horseback; this desert is like a life lam amid the vibrant was gonna. Your wagon caravan crashed into an ambush set up by bandits, and you were left behind as the lone survivor. While you are furious, you are


Traffic Racer Mod APK

determined to deliver those gunslingers to the hangman! Or drive them straight off their mounts by shooting them! But before then, there is some making that needs to be done, such as building a hut in which to spend the night, cutting trees to fashion a bow and arrows, and maybe, even more, bartering with the natives. Maybe they will be able to instruct you on how to hunt deer… You may continue to play as the shooter in either 1f or Pv mode. lack of rules for battling for survival, and there is no last day of your travels. It may be challenging to open-world and open-world multiplayer role-playing games. You are the only one left to fight life; to do so, you construct a haven, devise a military plan, make earth-walking earth-walking souls, defeat creatures, and pillage other players. Westland Survival is a role-playing game (RPG) that can be played on mobile devices online for free and incorporates multiplayer components. The craft: survival and adventure game is enjoyed by more than 10 million players worldwide. Invite your friends to join you on an adventure through the Wild West that is based on a genuine investigation and survival game. Westland Survival Mod APK

Cowboy Game

You should know by now that it is one of the finest survival games since it allows you to investigate a specialized of specialized items on the Battlefield. Participants are going to learn about new sites that provide useful supplies that will make it easier for them to survive if they do so here. Westland Survival Mod APK
This game has a variety of competitions and events in which you may take part, and if you are successful, you will be eligible for various awards and trophies. You may achieve victory in a fight by using the gear and tools that make you straightforward to achieve. As you go through the game, you will unlock more Extra features that will be of use to you. Tell us about each of them in the comments below.

Westland Survival APK

Build a Wild West Ranch

Resting a haven for yourselves is the first thing you should do when you start playing this game. Since at this point in the game, all that matters is whether or not you make it through the wilderness alive. Hence, when you have access to a secure location, you will have the ability to, organize uncommon items, and construct an effective defense. Westland Survival Mod APK

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Build a Wild West Ranch

Craft Weapons & Armor for a Fight

You will find yourself in situations when you are forced to engage in several deadly creatures and foes to protect yourself. You women have powerful weapons and equipment to defend yourself effectively. In this game, you will need to hunt out unique blueprints and put them together. It is in your best interest to hone your shooting skills so that you can be more effective in the fight against robbers.

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Wild Animals Hunting

There are a lot of terrifying creatures and gigantic people in the Westland. You, as a member, are required to either tame endangered beasts in the open world so that they will fight on your side in battles or hunt wild animals in the open world for enormous furs to survive thirst and longing. Because of their increased potency of them, you should approach the fight with extreme caution.

Wild Animals Hunting

Build a Stable & Ride a Horse

You get to take control of a cowboy who has a large property and horses in this game. Without his horse and ranch, the rodeo is little more than an imposter. It would be beneficial if you constructed a solid, and trustworthy companion that will assist you in traveling more quickly and holding extra details for western expeditions. You will have the ability to construct a sturdy house using the farming simulator.

Build a Stable & Ride a Horse


Even though the player is placed in charge of the characters from a top-down viewpoint, the survival aspect of the game is kept interesting by the interactions and fluidity of the character’s locomotion. Players can hunt animals using a variety of strategies, including sneaking up on their prey, performing stealth actions and assaults, and setting several traps. In particular, the missile mechanisms will routinely aim at the closest target, which will assist in totally optimizing the manager’s encounter while they are playing the game.



The objective of this activity is for players to use the league’s producing system so that they can stay alive in this wild west. They are required to always create, process, and shape all of the raw materials into the completed product. This allows them to make a wider variety of items, including weaponry, tools, and extras, that improve their ability to survive in the apocalypse. In addition, as the player advances in grades, more content for the crafting system becomes available. This gives the player access to objects at a wider rate.


Gamers may make conditions more entertaining and hectic by raiding enemy troops that have been added in Woodland Survival that are located in the surrounding area. The procedure is strenuous and fraught with peril, but the benefits and resources such locations provide are very important and provide a significant boost to growth. In addition to exploring perilous areas, players have the opportunity to plunder the bases of other players and get a wide variety of unique materials.


Challenge Other Players in Ladders

The game has a wide variety of intricately designed puzzles and objectives to complete. Hence, to complete bounty hunts, you must complete the day-to-day activities. If you have completed all of the tasks, you will be eligible to receive Valuable awards and equipment from the city sheriff as well as take part in the Ppv ladder. You can also invite your friends to participate in this play.

How to download and install Westland Survival Mod APK

will allow you to get the Westland Survival mod.

You must turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.

1. To download the Westland Survival MOD APK, begin by clicking the Download button located at the very top of the page.

2. Locate the downloads folder on your device and save the file there.

3. After the Westland Survival file has been downloaded, click on it to begin the installation process, and then wait for the installation to finish.

4. After it is completed, launch the game and begin playing it as soon as possible.


Imagine that you are interested in playing an action game in which the main objective is to conclude the game alive. In this area, you will need to develop your essence while also discovering a wide variety of interesting items. You have the option of building a home for the animals, as well as competing against other players in ladders. You may also go horseback riding and see several beautiful locations during your stay. Construct a stall for the horses, and look for a secure hiding spot for yourself. I hope that you will like playing this game.



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