What are the Advantages of OGWhatsApp?

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Advantages of WhatsApp ;In today’s world, social media and messenger apps have become an essential part of our life. We use or spend a lot of time on social media chatting or talking with family or friends. In this pandemic, people are advised to stay at home for their safety, and business and work have been shifted to the internet. Social media and instant messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more play an essential part.

Among these messenger apps, WhatsApp is on the top for a reason. This instant messenger app allows you to make audio and video calls and chat with friends easy. WhatsApp is a straightforward instant messenger app. Its features and easy to use features make it the first choice for people around the world.

OGWhatsApp a WhatsApp Mod

  • To make chatting and talking more fun, some mods of What are the Advantages of OGWhatsApp are developed by different developers. OGWhatsApp is one of those mods. It comes with more amazing mods than the original WhatsApp.


OGWhatsApp a WhatsApp Mod

  • In this article, I will discuss the advantages that OGWhatsApp provides its users to make it easy for you to decide either to download this mod of WhatsApp or not.
  • If you want to download OGWhatsApp you can click here OG WhatsApp APK or visit our site playapkpro.com for more stuff.

Advantages of OGWhatsApp

  • OGWhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod that gives you many advantages. These advantages include hiding status, hiding blue and double ticks, customizing the appearance of the app, and many more. I will tell you these advantages in detail, so let’s begin.


  • OGWhatsApp, unlike some other WhatsApp mods, provides you with an anti-ban advantage. Your WhatsApp account is safe and secure if you are using OGWhatsApp. The original WhatsApp strictly goes against the use of such WhatsApp mods and, as a result, bans the account of users using them. OGWhatsApp does not get your account banned.

Using Two Numbers:

OGWhatsApp Using Two Numbers

  • OGWhatsApp allows you to use two different numbers on a single WhatsApp at the same time. Isn’t this amazing? Now you can create two WhatsApp accounts of two different numbers and use them on one WhatsApp. OGWhatsApp gives you the advantage of using two numbers in one room.


  • OGWhatsApp provides some significant advantages regarding the status of the app. With OGWhatsApp, you can download and copy the status if you forget to block someone from viewing your status and updates the status. With OGWhatsApp, you can block someone from the active status. OGWhatsApp also supports 250 characters for status.

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Chats :

  • The chats are provided with some fantastic advantages by OGWhatsApp. You can easily send scheduled messages to any specific person. This feature can be used for the advantage of a busy person. Along with this, OGWhatsApp also allows you to send 90 images at a time.
  • Along with such options, you get the advantage of hiding the typing and recording audio notification on the top of the chat. OGWhatsApp allows you to hide the double ticks and blue ticks when the person receives and reads messages. You can also take advantage of the chat privacy feature and lock some specific chats with a password if you want to keep them private.


  • OGWhatsApp provides many excellent and valuable customization options by which you can make your WhatsApp attractive and fun to use. The updated version of App now gives you the advantage of using some fantastic themes. Along with themes, you get different emojis and stickers that you can use while chatting and texting with friends and family. You can change the background colours.
  • OGWhatsApp comes with some fantastic launch icons that you can use for the app icon.

Final Words:

  • OGWhatsApp is one of those WhatsApp mods that, with their features, give you so many advantages. OGWhatsApp specifically allows you to avail all the simple and easy advantages for your good.
  • The only problem with App is that a third party developer develops it, and you are not assured that no one reads your messages.

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